About Welbot

Welbot Technology is a pioneering technology company specializing in
robotic solutions that redefine the construction automation workflow
in the industry.

Our Adaptive Robotic Welder has qualified for Welding Procedure
Specification(WPS), fully capable of working under harsh environmental
conditions. Our technological innovation not only brings new blood
into the labour market, but also reforms the traditional working nature.

In the future, Welbot Technology will continue to sharpen its competitive
edge. With the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM), big data
and cutting-edge 5G technology into AI-based robotic systems, we are well
poised to make a breakthrough in the eco platform of construction robotic

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Adaptive Robotic Control

This system can perform precision programming by approximating
inputs to minimize the time and difficulties in programming.

By collecting on-site raw data, the system can provide the best
solution for a complex environment within a very short time
frame through big data and AI algorithms.

With adaptive robotic control, data collection, analysis and
programming are no longer time consuming but only take a few

Situation of Industry

Objective analysis from a construction company on the current situation:
Automation technology falls behind other industries.

  • Shortage of Skilled Welder
  • Inconsistency in Welding Quality
  • Harsh Environment
  • Lack of Automation Welding for Construction

Advantages of Welbot

Welbot's patent on Adaptive Robotic Control (ARC) technology is under progress.
The simple and user-friendly set up takes only 2-5 mins to complete.

  • Easy to Learn and Use
  • High Quality, Collaborative and safe
  • Wide Range Welding Machine Compatible
  • On-site Ready

Product Features

Welbot is able to fulfil wide-industry requirements for welding.
We mainly focus on providing one-off welding solutions.

  • Construction On-Site
  • Pre-Workpieces Factory
  • One-off Welding
  • Shipyard Shipbuilding Welding
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