Adaptive Robotic Control

Compress robotic programming time from hours to minute

Adaptive Robotic Control

Adaptive Robotic Control (ARC) is patent pending developed by Welbot Technology, the aim of (ARC) is create precision robotic programing by approximate input to minimize difficulty and time of programming.

Compress robotic programming task
Use laser sensor and numeric method to extract data
Non-contact Scanning

-3D Point
-Work normal by numerical method
-Line by numerical method
-Freeform workpiece

Adaptive Robotic Control

Normal to Surface Path Generation

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Adaptive Robotic Control Application

One-Off Welding

Flexible Welding task in Construction Site, Pre-Factory, Shipyard

Frame cutting

Flexible digital Numerical mobile Frame cutting machine

Wall finishing

Auto-detect the Wall angle and feature and preform Polishing


Specify One-Off Polishing Task, e.g. Car body de-painting


Speical feature drilling for 100% normal to the surface


Special One-Off Sealing Task e.g. Shipbuilding

Example of Polishing with Hatching Feature