News and Event

WPS in Workshop

We have finished WPS in our workshop and look forward for the result!

New Outlook of Welding Robot

Our Adaptive Robotic Welder has changed its outlook into Sunrise Yellow!

Adpative Robotic Welder in Kwong Wah Hospital Phase 3

Adpative Robotic Welder has just finished the multi-layer butt-weld project in Kwong Wah Hospital Phase 3! 2 welders are sent to the construction site and operate together!

Adaptive Robotic Welder in Hong Kong Science Museum

Adaptive Robotic Welder is now being exhibited in Hong Kong Science Museum Telecommunications Gallery, with topic "Robohelpers". 

Welding test in Sheung Shui Workshop

Practice makes perfect ! Variety of welding tasks is demonstrated in workshop daily.

Wall Cleaning at United Center

Cable Robotic Cleaner has completed the cleaning at United Center for external wall cleaning.