AccuPick 3D

Bin picking the smart way

AccuPick 3D presents a new bin picking technology that blends 3D machine vision and deep learning. The synthesis provides robot with an intelligent eye, enabling them to carry out tasks previously considered impossible or difficult.

3D Sorting – More than just 3D picking

AccuPick 3D not only picks items from a bin but also sorts them based solely on their prints or appearances. Sorting objects of identical 3D dimensions makes bin picking applicable to a wider range of industries.



Vision with intelligence

AI Vision offers human-like, self-learning software to detect irregular patterns, defects or features typically challenging for conventional AOI (automated optical inspection) software to inspect. All that´s required is inputting tens of image samples to AI Vision software for the deep learning software to distinguish and learn; no code writing is necessary.

Improved quality and productivity

AI Vision is composed of three functions – segmentation, detection, classification. User may apply one or more of these functions to achieve desired objectives.


Solvision applications include

Human Detection and Tracking
3D Robotic Bin Picking
OCR of Deformed Characters


Allows fast and easy development of customized 3D applications

Solscan offers a fast and reliable way to develop various 3D applications, giving system integrators, machine builders, and industrial end users a perfect tool to easily customize 3D applications. Solscan 3D scanning is based on structured light technology, and is capable of generating a massive and accurate point cloud on an object.

  • Fast Scanning
  • Dual Camera
  • Color Function
  • Friendly GUI
  • Compatible with Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • GenIcam 3D Interface

Solscan applications include

Object Recognition & Classification
Object Scanning


Key to creating smart 3d vision guided robots

Leveraging the powers of 3D vision and AI technologies, Solmotion takes robot motion planning development a notch higher by boosting capability of a machine to identify variable positions and orientations of an object quickly and accurately. With Solmotion, robots are able to perform tasks without having to fix an object’s position through a mechanical fixture.
Solmotion offers the following key benefits:

  • Increased Production Flexibility
  • Shorter changeover time
  • Reduced costs associated with mechanical tooling
  • Increased productivity
  • Solmotion‘s user-friendly interface makes it easy to train a machine to recognize random changes in position or orientation.

Solmotion applications include