A wide range of robots covering all industries and applications

The emergence of Industry 4.0 and the related upswing in automation have had a decisive impact on the industrial sector and its applications. To anticipate industry needs, Stäubli designs a unique range of industrial robots that offer a host of advantages: compact size, broad work envelopes, high speed, precision, ability to withstand all types of environments, and above all, the flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of tasks.

Stäubli robots are the only ones that bring speed, performance and safety.


FAST picker TP80 4-axis robots

The FAST picker TP80 robots are particularly well-suited for packaging applications in various fields such as food, pharmaceuticals, photovoltaics and cosmetics. These extremely fast robotic arms are designed for small parts handling operations. They deliver repeatability of ± 0.05 mm, a work envelope of up to 800 mm reach and speeds of up to 200 picks per minute. In addition, thanks to the design of the TP80, there are no support structure or retention areas above the products.

Reach: 800 mm
Maximum payload: 1 kg
Repeatability: ± 0.05 mm
Stroke: 100 mm (200 mm optional)

4-axis SCARA robots

Stäubli has developed a line of extremely powerful 4-axis robots designed to meet the most stringent requirements in fields such as the automotive, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics and electrical or electronics sectors. Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arms (SCARA) are useful in a variety of applications. They can carry out precise and repetitive tasks, such as loading/unloading, assembly, packaging/palletization, pick and place/handling, sorting, piling and spacing, at very high speeds.

Reach: 220 - 1000 mm
Payload: 1 - 8.4 kg

6-axis industrial robots

Stäubli’s TX 6-axis robots deliver increased dexterity and flexibility. This range of robots is perfectly suited to numerous industrial applications in any sector. The compact arm and large work envelope allow maximum utilization of cell workspace. The variety of mounting configurations (floor, wall, ceiling) makes it easier to integrate the robot into the production line.

Reach: 515 - 3680 mm
Payload: 2.3 - 190 kg