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Robotic Arm
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Robotic Integration

Welbot Technology is well-versed in robots and automation solutions.Our team includes professional development programmers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers with ample experience.

We have an assembly workshop located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to support Asia-wide clients.

This video showcases an automatic palletizing solution with collaborative robots. The whole project was completed by our team, including all the hardware assembly, electrical installation and programming.

Robotic Arm

Welbot provides different types of robotic arm to fulfil client's requirements

  • Universal Robots
  • Kuka
  • Stäubli
  • Others

Robotic Integration

Welbot's professional team provides advanced robotic solutions

  • Industrial Automation
  • Robotic Integration
  • Service Robot Development

Robotic Accessories

Welbot provides a wide range of accessories for Robotic Application

  • OnRobot Effector
  • RoboDK Simulator
  • Robot arm Protection cover

Universal Robots Product Series

Latest Products Image

UR3 and UR3e

Payload 3 KG
Reach 500 mm

Latest Products Image

UR5 and UR5e

Payload 5 KG
Reach 800 mm

Latest Products Image

UR10 and UR10e

Payload 10 KG
Reach 1300 mm

Latest Products Image


Payload 16KG
Reach 900mm

Industrial Robot

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Automation in the automotive industry

KUKA is the world's leading provider of production systems in the automotive industry. With years of experience, KUKA is the master in the design of flexible and efficient production processes. As the result, we are able to guide our customers into the direction of industry 4.0 with future-oriented solutions.

Learn more about KUKA

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Robots, controllers and software for all applications

As a leading player in robotics, Stäubli provides efficient, reliable engineering solutions and related services to its clients around the world. The design quality of its line of robots, controllers and software, as well as its capacity for innovation, make it an unbeatable partner for joining the cutting edge of industrial robotics. For over 35 years, Stäubli Robotics has helped thousands of companies transform and develop their industrial systems with its line of reliable, state-of-the-art products.

Learn more about Stäubli

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Solomon ‒ Vision with Intelligence

Solomon mission is to make possible for robots and machines to perform increasingly complex jobs required of today´s manufacturing industries by providing them with human-like vision and recognition capabilities.

Our products, existing or under development, blends advanced 3D vision and latest deep learning technologies, tackling tasks previously thought impossible or impractical for robots and machines to perform.

This is a video showing a collaborative robot is trained to pick complex shaped objects via deep learning together with 3D vision.

Learn more about Solomon

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OnRobot End Effector Solution


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RoboDK Robot Simulator

Offline Programming has no limits with RoboDK. RoboDK provides a user friendly Graphical User Interface to simulate and program industrial robots. RoboDK will help you avoid singularities and axis limits. Programming experience is not required. More information available in the Offline Programming section of the documentation.

With the RoboDK's API you can also program and simulate robots using Python. Python is a programming language that lets you work faster and integrate your systems more effectively. Python allows expressing concepts in fewer lines of code compared to other languages, making it friendly and easy to learn.

Learn more about RoboDK

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