Universal Robot In Service Industry

China's market holdings of robotic services are much lower compared to developed countries, mainly due to the lack of creative ideas and low labour costs.

Our team is dedicated to the AI service industry, striving for the first chance in the trend of social AI, providing professional analysis and technical services for vast high-tech service industry.

Current situation of service industry

Lack of creative ideas for automatic service industry

Low labour costs

Benefit of Welbot

Welbot has timely and complete after-sales service

Powerful resources for independent development.

Support Industry

Customized product according to customer requirements

Independently designed automation bar

Welbot's self-developed products

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Self developing background interface

-Independent development and design.
-Simple and easy to operate

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Independent development single point interface

-An intuitive user interface provides users with a friendly human-computer interaction experience, allowing users to control the robot without reading the manual.

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Interface customizable design

-Meeting different customer requirements.
-Independent design
-Simple and easy to operate

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High end automatic coffee shop

Support customer customization
-Using high-end coffee machines
-Integrated automation system

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2018 Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Exhibition

Complete set of customized products
-A large number of spectators stopped
-On site tasting of wine

Universal Robots

Universal Robots devoted to bringing safe, flexible, and easy-to-use collaborative robots for Various industries Automation.

The World Supreme lightweight (11-28kg) of Six-axis Robot arm with (0.5-1.3m) reach radius provide a flexible mobility requirement for Various industries.

Welbot Technology combine the advantages of UR, UR is used in the service industry to mix wine and coffee. It also brings modern science and technology color to the service industry, making the service industry more visual impact..

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Welbot Package

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Robot Arm

Universal Robots

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Welbot Intelligent Welding

Welbot SMARTWeld

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WelBot Weld Accessories

-Weld GUN Adaptor
-Welbot Protect Cover
-Welbot Mobile Platform