Welding Robot

Everyone can be operate the Robot Welding Programming in 2 min

Adaptive Welding Robot

We believe in the nearly future, robot operating should be extremely easy and could be done by anyone, whatever the age, education or else.

Our team focused on making it becomes a reality in construction automation using our core patent pending technology Adaptive Robotic Control (ARC).

Anyone can easily and intuitively set up the industrial Robot task within 2 mins. It is a breakthrough in construction automation area and revolutionary in Automated Welding Solution.

Problem of Industry

Criticism from a Construction Company on the current situation:
Automation Technology behind other industry.

  • Shortage of Skilled Welder
  • Inconsistency in Welding Quality
  • Casualty Environment
  • No Automation Welding for Construction

Benefit of Welbot

Welbot patent pending technology Adaptive Robotic Control (ARC)
Anyone can easily and intuitively set up the industrial robot task within 2 min.

  • Ease of Use (2 mins ready Weld)
  • Short learning cycle (an hour)
  • Collaborative and safe
  • Quality Welding
  • Support Wide range Welding Machine
  • Outdoor Support

Support Industry

Welbot support wide-range industry to fulfil different requirements for Welding.
We mainly focused on solving the issue of One-Off Welding.

  • Construction On-Site
  • Pre-Workpieces Factory
  • One-off Welding
  • Shipyard Shipbuilding Welding

Construction On-Site Welding

Welbot Welding Feature

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Intuitive User interface

An intuitive user interface designed to provide a user-friendly experience allowing users to control the robot without the need of reading a manual.

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Auto-WeldPath Generation

Approximate point out the welding location.
Weld path auto-generated by SMARTWeld

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3D Welding Swing Weave

To Fulfil Complex requirement
-Zigzags Welding Weave
-3D Welding Weave

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Complex Welding Path

Support Weld on Complex surface
-Non-Straight Welding
-Curvature surface welding

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Gap compensation

Intelligent Compensation Gap with un-uniform width Weave

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Multi-Layer Auto Weld

Scan every layer and generate the new welding path for each scan
Support 20-80mm Thickness Welding

Universal Robots

Universal Robots devoted to bringing safe, flexible, and easy-to-use collaborative robots for Construction Welding Automation.

The World Supreme lightweight (11-28kg) of Six-axis Robot arm with (0.5-1.3m) reach radius provide a flexible mobility requirement for construction industry.

Welbot Technology Combine the benefit of UR to help construction company assign their operators to work comfortably using our intuitive welding functions, thereby helping them to overcome new challenges and add value to the company.

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Welbot Package

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Robot Arm

Universal Robots

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Welbot Intelligent Welding

Welbot SMARTWeld

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WelBot Weld Accessories

-Weld GUN Adaptor
-Welbot Protect Cover
-Welbot Mobile Platform